Benefits of Massage

Relieve Stress

Reduce Muscle Tension

Sleep Better

About Sherry's Massage

Each Massage at Sherry's Massage takes place in a private room and is enhanced with relaxing music. but from there, what happens during the treatmentis largely up to you Depending on your needs and preferences, Sherry can imploy light, medium, or hard pressure, or she can use deep-tissue strokes or sports massage techniques to address specific areas of concern.

Facial Treatment Benifits

Facial Treatment will leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed. Perfect for first timers, our experience will completely cleanse your face, analyze your skin for proper professional and homecare recommendations, provide a relaxing face/neck and shoulder massage, gently heat the skin by either steam or our ASCS Heat Mask, perform extractions if necessary, and finish with an appropriate mask for your skin type